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Background Applications on iPhone OS 3.0??

While I was working on the last update, editing the info.plist file to let the application use the black status bar, I noticed this strange option in the predefined values:

Background only application?

Click on the image for the full screenshot

Appliction is background only“. Application┬áis also spelled wrong, maybe because it was a test feature that was not removed from the final build. Starting the program with this option doesn’t change nothing, and it runs as usually. The key in the xml file is named LSBackgroundOnly, and is the same key used to build background applications in MacOs.
Maybe this option was always here, and it was always useless. Maybe was just added for the 3.0 iPhone SDK just now. Maybe it’s an error. Maybe no. Who knows? :-)
My personal opinion is that in future versions of the iPhone OS, Apple will permit developer to build background application, but the approval process will be restrictive and with lot of constraint (for example, to save battery life).

If you don’t trust the image, download the iphone sdk, create an empty project and edit the info.plist file.

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1.2 Update submitted – New Graphics

Yesterday I finished the 1.2 update and I subimitted it to the AppStore: first of all I corrected the fatal bug that crashes the application on the 2.2.1 firwmare on particolar conditions. But I wasn’t happy to the idea to submit the update only for one bug fix. The complete update log is here:

  • * Resolved fatal crash on 2.2.1 firmware when editing budget or editing D’Alambert wager and increment
  • * New graphics!
  • * Added an option to disable the low budget warning (default is off)
  • * Resolved a bug on the number drawn screen (1st12/2nd12/3rd12 now are right)
  • * Lot of minor fixes, and improvements

I worked really hard and I managed to add an entire new graphics with the help of Claudio La Barbera, the designer of the icon. I started to prepared the update in the previous days, but I didn’t expected that I needed to rush in so little time, so there are some things that I wanted to add in the 1.2 update that was postponed to the 1.3, like the ability of the Gland Martingale to play on all possible bets, a rises editor, the statistics for all bets, and one new strategy.

Here there are some screenshots with the new graphics. Let me know if you like it!

1.2 Screenshot 1 1.2 Screenshot 3 1.2 Screenshot 2

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Crash in 1.1 Update

Some people are experiencing a crash on the 1.1 update when editing the budget.
This only happens on the 2.2.1 firwmare, and if you upgrade your firmware to 3.0 the bug is not present.
I just resolved the bug and I’m submitting another update to the AppStore for the people that will not upgrade the device.
In the meanwhile you can use the software with budget management off, or you can mail me and  I will send you a beta version without the bug.

The application will also crash when you edit the Start Wager or the Wager Increment of D’Alembert strategy. Don’t use these features if you are on firmware 2.2.1 or lower.

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1.1 Update is Live!

The 1.1 version is now live on the app store! The full update log is here:

  • * New Icon
  • * Added Strategy Manager Screen
  • * Added D’Alembert Strategy
  • * Gland Martingale System (the strategy used in the 1.0 version) now have his own screen for configurations in the Strategy Manager
  • * Sets now are not limited only for threesholds but are globally used in the Strategy Manager
  • * Multiple bets from multiple strategies
  • * Settings menu optimized and removed Advanced options
  • * Help is now integrated in the software (no more online), with the general help and the help for each strategy
  • * Option for inverse ordering of numbers drawn
  • * Resolved various bug of low budget warning when changing the switch “Forced To Play” in rare cases
  • * Lot of minor bug fixes…

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1.1 Update under Apple approval

One week ago I submitted the 1.1 update to the App Store.
It will be live when it will be approved from the Apple reviewer (usually it takes 7 days, but this time is taking longer).
Some screenshots:

RouletteBetter 1.1 preview screenshot 1



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