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1.2.1 Approved and 1.2.2 Sent

Version 1.2.1 got approved, and here’s the change log:

  • The numbers list in the Roulette screen is now larger and easier to read
  • Strategies screen will immediately shows the changes
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Unfortunately there was a bug in the Navigation Bar, but I already resolved it and sent another update.

In the meanwhile, use the app with “20 lucky white pixels”, they will help you to win at Roulette :-P

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Updates incoming…

I didn’t update RouletteBetter for some time, but this doesn’t mean that I abandoned it! I was really occupied with university, but now I’m back!

I’m working on a maintenance update that should be online in the next week, and after this I will do a major update with new strategies.
But I need your help to decide the features to add in the next major update. Leave a comment here or send me a mail to help me decide!

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