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1.1 Update is Live!

The 1.1 version is now live on the app store! The full update log is here:

  • * New Icon
  • * Added Strategy Manager Screen
  • * Added D’Alembert Strategy
  • * Gland Martingale System (the strategy used in the 1.0 version) now have his own screen for configurations in the Strategy Manager
  • * Sets now are not limited only for threesholds but are globally used in the Strategy Manager
  • * Multiple bets from multiple strategies
  • * Settings menu optimized and removed Advanced options
  • * Help is now integrated in the software (no more online), with the general help and the help for each strategy
  • * Option for inverse ordering of numbers drawn
  • * Resolved various bug of low budget warning when changing the switch “Forced To Play” in rare cases
  • * Lot of minor bug fixes…

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