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Searching for Beta Testers

I’m searching for beta tester for the future versions of the software. If you are interested, send me a mail ┬áto or leave a comment in this post.

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Developing 1.1 Versions

I’m working hard on the 1.1 version of the software. As promised, I will add the D’Alambert Strategy, but I’m working to change the menu in a way that I can easily add new strategies in the future versions with little effort.
One thing that I will add for sure in the future versions of RouletteBetter is a “Stealth Mode”, in which you can play without looking at the screen, inputting the drawn numbers with touch gestures and shakes. The iPhone can do the output with the vibro, but I don’t know how to do this on an iPod Touch, so I think that the stealth mode will work only on the iPhones. If you have any ideas for the Stealth Mode on an iPod Touch let me know :)

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